Casares Pueblo

Casares Pueblo

Below you can view all properties currently for sale in the pueblo blanco of Casares on the Costa del Sol. The area mainly has apartments and townhouse in a traditional style with some modern homes just been built.

Sitting on a hilltop between the Ronda mountains, the Costa and Gibraltar, Casares is one of the most beautiful villages in the province of Málaga, a fact which earned it the status of Historic-Artistic Site in 1978.

The origins of Casares date back to Roman times, when Julius Caesar ordered its construction as a show of gratitude for having been healed by the waters of the Baths of La Hedionda. However, the current town dates from the time of the Arabs.

Casares also has a costal strip of land with some of the nicest beaches on the Costa del Sol. There are also several golf courses here including Finca Cortesin which has a 5* hotel, top restaurants and a luxury beach club.



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