San Luis de Sabinillas

San Luis de Sabinillas

Below you can view all properties currently for sale in San Luis de Sabinillas, Manilva. The area mainly has apartments and townhouse in a traditional style with some modern homes just been built.

The present-day fishing village of San Luis de Sabinillas is a new settlement which developed over the last century or so. Like most towns on the Costa del Sol, it has seen rapid growth over the last few decades.

Since the construction of Punta Almina estate in the 1980s, Sabinillas has become a popular place for foreign residents including those working in Gibraltar. The most recent developments are the improvements to Avenida Manilva, the construction of the seafront promenade and the underpass for the traffic on the coast road A-7.

Pavement cafes and bars have flourished along with the opening of new banks and real estate offices. The village has a working atmosphere for those who want a touch of what is probably the only real Spain left on the western Costa del Sol.



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